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Prof Dr. David Choque Quispe | Polimeros | Entrepreneurial Scientist Award

Professor, José María Arguedas National University, Peru

🏆 Professor Dr. David Choque Quispe, an esteemed figure in the field of Polymers, has been honored with the Entrepreneurial Scientist Award for his groundbreaking contributions. As a distinguished faculty member at José María Arguedas National University in Peru, Dr. Choque Quispe has demonstrated exceptional leadership and innovation in the realm of polymers. His research not only advances scientific understanding but also fosters entrepreneurial endeavors, bridging academia and industry. Through his tireless dedication and visionary approach, he inspires both colleagues and students alike, leaving an indelible mark on the scientific community. Dr. Choque Quispe’s achievements epitomize the spirit of innovation and excellence. 🌟



Professtional Experience

🌱 With a rich and diverse portfolio spanning environmental impact assessments, project executions, and academic leadership roles, Professor Dr. David Choque Quispe stands as a pillar of expertise and innovation. His involvement in crucial projects like the construction of irrigation systems and the strengthening of nutritional statuses underscores his commitment to community development and sustainability. As a seasoned professional, he has served in various capacities, from plant management to directorship of academic faculties, consistently imparting knowledge and guidance. Through his unwavering dedication to education and research, Dr. Choque Quispe continues to inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists, shaping a brighter future for society. 🌟

Degrees, Titles and Expertise

🎓 Dr. David Choque Quispe boasts an impressive array of academic achievements and professional certifications, spanning multiple disciplines within the realm of engineering and environmental science. With a Doctorate in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering from UFPR, Brazil, and a Doctorate in Environment and Sustainable Development from UAC, Peru, he brings a wealth of expertise to his endeavors. His extensive educational background includes a Master’s in Food Science and Technology and additional diplomas in project formulation, water resource management, and environmental engineering. As a quality auditor for Coca Cola and with specialized training in food safety and waste treatment, Dr. Choque Quispe demonstrates a multifaceted approach to addressing complex environmental challenges. 🌱

Publications Top Notes

“Capacity flocculant of natural coagulants in water treatment.” – 2018

“Evaluación de las isotermas de sorción de granos y harina de kiwicha (Amaranthus caudatus).” – 2018

“Producción de forraje y competencia interespecífica del cultivo asociado de avena (Avena sativa) con vicia (Vicia sativa) en condiciones de secano y gran altitud.” – 2018

“Caffeine and UV – Vis scanning and the water quality index in the high – Andean watershed of the Chumbao River, Andahuaylas, Apur ímac, Perú.” – 2019

“Modelado de isotermas de sorción y cinética de secado de las hojas de punamuña (Satureja boliviana).” – 2019

“Optimization of the flocculating capacity of natural coagulants in water treatment.” – 2020

“Residuos β-lactámicos y tetraciclinas en la leche fresca adquirida por Comités de Vaso de Leche de los distritos de San Jerónimo y Andahuaylas, Apurímac, Perú.” – 2020

“Drying and color in punamuña leaves (Satureja boliviana).” – 2021

“Phenolic Compounds, Antioxidant Capacity, and Protein Content of Three Varieties of Germinated Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd).” – 2021

“Study of the pollution by surfactants in a river of a high Andean micro basin.” – 2021


David Choque Quispe | Polimeros | Entrepreneurial Scientist Award

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