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Assoc Prof Dr. Brian Due | Ethnography | Best Researcher Award

Associate professor, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Brian L. Due, born on January 22, 1980, in Copenhagen, Denmark, is an esteemed scholar whose research focuses on video ethnography and the analysis of multimodal interaction 📹💬. Currently serving as an Associate Professor as part of the professor promotion program since 2022, Due has established himself as a leading authority in his field. With a dedication to understanding human behavior through qualitative research methods, he continues to make significant contributions to academia, shaping the discourse on video-based research methodologies and interaction analysis. His work reflects a commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering deeper insights into social phenomena through innovative research approaches.


Brian L. Due completed his PhD at UCPH, Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics (NorS) on December 10, 2012, marking a significant milestone in his academic journey 🎓. Prior to this, he obtained a Master’s degree in social science and philosophy from Roskilde Universitetscenter between 2001 and 2007, laying a solid foundation for his research pursuits. These educational achievements reflect Due’s commitment to rigorous scholarship and intellectual exploration in the fields of linguistics and social sciences. With his interdisciplinary background, he brings a unique perspective to his work, enriching the academic discourse with diverse insights and methodologies.

Scientific Focus Areas

Brian L. Due’s research focuses on video ethnography and multimodal interaction, exploring how people use language and embodied actions in material and spatial environments, particularly in technology-mediated contexts 📹. With expertise in collecting ethnographic data and analyzing human behavior, he leads interdisciplinary and international research projects. His publications delve into the orderly accomplishment of social activities within various settings, such as organizations, shops, and public environments. Due’s work highlights creative behavior, technology, disability, and sensory experiences in interaction, contributing valuable insights to our understanding of human behavior and social dynamics in contemporary society.

Academic Awards

Brian L. Due has received numerous accolades for his contributions to innovation and excellence in research 🏆. He won the KU Innovation Prize in 2022 and was nominated by the Dean for the same award in 2021. Additionally, he was nominated for the Sociological Research Online 2020 SAGE Prize for Innovation and Excellence. His outstanding achievements include winning the Kommunikation og Sprogs PhD Prize in 2016 and the Samfundslitteraturs Book Prize in 2015, reflecting his dedication to advancing knowledge and making significant contributions to his field.

Publications Top Notes

Book: “The Practical Accomplishment of Everyday Activities Without Sight” by Brian L. Due, 2023 (1 citation)

Book Chapter: “From embodied scanning to tactile inspections: When visually impaired persons exhibit object understanding” by Brian L. Due et al., 2023 (1 citation)

Book Chapter: “Smartphone tooling: Achieving perception by positioning a smartphone for object scanning” by Lüchow et al., 2023 (1 citation)

Article: “A Walk in the Park With Robodog: Navigating Around Pedestrians Using a Spot Robot as a ‘Guide Dog'” by Brian L. Due, 2023 (6 citations)

Article: “Guide dog versus robot dog: assembling visually impaired people with non-human agents and achieving assisted mobility through distributed co-constructed perception” by Brian L. Due, 2023 (10 citations)

Brian Due | Ethnography | Best Researcher Award

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