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Dr.  Aadil Bhat | Geology | Best Researcher Award

Postdoctoral Researcher Tongji University China

Dr. Mohd Aadil Bhat is an esteemed Earth Science Researcher specializing in isotope geochemistry, environmental geochemistry, and biogeochemistry. Currently, he is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the State Key Lab of Marine Geology, Tongji University, China. Dr. Bhat’s research primarily focuses on the chemical weathering processes and the biogeochemical and hydrological cycles that sustain our habitable planet.


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Dr. Bhat completed his Postdoc at the School of Ocean and Earth Science, Tongji University, China, in 2022. He earned his Ph.D. in Earth and Environmental Science from Tianjin University, China, in 2022, with a thesis on the “Chemical Weathering Processes and Dissolved Carbon Dynamics in the Upper Indus River Basin, Western Himalaya.” He also holds an M.Sc. in Applied Geology from the University of Kashmir, India, and a PG Diploma in Disaster Management from IGNOU, India.


Dr. Bhat is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher at Tongji University, China. He has served as a Junior Research Fellow at the University of Kashmir, India, and as an Engineering Geologist for Space Engineers Construction Pvt. Ltd., India. His work involves geotechnical investigation, geological mapping, and the study of sedimentary records and carbon sink effects.

Research Interest 

Dr. Bhat’s research interests lie in isotope geochemistry, isotope hydrology, environmental geochemistry, and river geochemistry. His work focuses on stable isotopic determination and its application in tracing mass cycles on the Earth’s surface, particularly in relation to chemical weathering, soil erosion, and river transport.


Dr. Bhat has received numerous awards, including the Postdoctoral Fellowship from the China Postdoctoral Council and Tongji University, the Peiyang Future Scholar Scholarship, the Tianjin Government Fellowship, and the Chinese Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship. He has also been recognized for his excellent presentations at international conferences.

Publications  Top Notes

  1. Bhat, M.A., Fan, D., Nisa, F.U., Dar, T., Kumar, A., Sun, Q., Li, S.L. (2024). Trace elements in the Upper Indus River Basin (UIB) of Western Himalayas: Quantification, sources modeling, and impacts. Journal of Hazardous Materials. Link (IF=13.6).
  2. Bhat, M.A., Mostofa, K.M.G., Liu, C.Q., Senesi, N., Senesie, G.S., Vione, D., Yuan, J., Shammi, M., Li, S.L. (2024). Transformation mechanisms and downward fate of dissolved carbon and nitrogen photosynthetically derived from glaciers in Upper Indus River Basin. Environmental Research. (IF=8.9).
  3. Bhat, M.A., Xu, S., Fan, D., Dar, T., Li, S.L. (2023). Chemical weathering processes impacted by pyrite oxidation in the upper Indus River basin (UIRB), Western Himalaya. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences. Link (IF=3.374).
  4. Dar, T., Rai, N., Jahan, A., Kumar, S., Bhat, M.A., Ahmad, R. (2024). Uncovering sources, distribution, and seasonal patterns of trace element deposition: The elemental puzzle of the western Himalayas. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. Link (IF=5.8).
  5. Qiu, D., Zhu, G.*, Bhat, M.A., Wang, L., Liu, Y., Zhang, W., Sang, L., Lin, X., Zhang, Z. (2023). Water use strategy of nitraria tangutorum shrubs in ecological water delivery area of the lower inland river: Based on stable isotope data. Journal of Hydrology. Link (IF=6.708).
Mohd Aadil Bhat | Geology | Best Researcher Award

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