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Mr. Freddy Hutapea | Forestry | Best Researcher Award

School of Agriculture, Food and Ecosystem Science, The University of Melbourne, Australia

Freddy Jontara Hutapea is a PhD student at the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Science, specializing in Sustainable Plantation Management. He holds a Master’s degree in Forest and Ecosystem Science from the same institution and a Bachelor’s degree in Forestry from IPB University, Indonesia. With a keen interest in forestry and environmental research, Freddy has presented his work at international conferences and published extensively in reputable journals.



Education 🎓🌳

Freddy Jontara Hutapea pursued his academic journey in forestry, earning a Bachelor’s degree from IPB University, Indonesia, and a Master’s degree from the University of Melbourne, Australia. His research during his Master’s focused on the effects of fuel reduction treatments on bushfire hazards in dry eucalypt forests. Through rigorous academic training, he has developed a strong foundation in forest science and ecosystem management.

Experience 💼🌿

Freddy’s professional journey spans academia and research, with a focus on sustainable forestry practices. He has engaged in various research projects, including studying the productivity and feed management strategies of sambar deer and investigating the ecological dynamics of tropical peat swamp forests. His expertise lies in sustainable plantation management and ecosystem conservation, particularly in tropical environments with seasonal rainfall.

Research Interests 🌱🔬

Freddy Jontara Hu

tapea’s research interests revolve around sustainable plantation management, ecosystem conservation, and forestry ecology. His current PhD study addresses the establishment of Eucalyptus pellita plantations in Tiwi Island, Australia, aiming to improve economic welfare while preserving environmental integrity. He is committed to exploring innovative strategies for managing forest ecosystems in diverse environmental contexts.

Awards 🏆🌏

Freddy Jontara Hutapea has been recognized for his academic excellence and research contributions through prestigious scholarships such as the Melbourne Research Scholarship and the Samuel Francis Pond Travelling Scholarship. His dedication to advancing knowledge in forestry and environmental science has earned him international acclaim and support for his research endeavors.

Publications Top Notes

  1. Hutapea, F.J., Volkova, L., Mendham, D.S., & Weston, C.J. (2024). Eucalyptus pellita substantially outperforms Acacia mangium in tropical savannah ecosystem of Australia, but strategies are needed to maintain soil nutrients. Forest Ecology and Management, 562, 121930.
  2. Hutapea, F.J., Weston, C.J., Mendham, D., & Volkova, L. (2023). Sustainable management of Eucalyptus pellita plantations: a review. Forest Ecology and Management, 537, 120941.
  3. Volkova, L., Krisnawati, H., Qirom, M.A., Adinugroho, W.C., Imanuddin, R., Hutapea, F.J., … & Weston, C.J. (2023). Fire and tree species diversity in tropical peat swamp forests. Forest Ecology and Management, 529, 120704.
  4. Kuswanda, W., Hutapea, F.J., Saputra, M.H., & Nopandry, B. (2023). Species distribution model for the Asian tapir and vegetation characteristics of Batang Gadis National Park, North Sumatra, Indonesia. Tropical Life Sciences Research, 34, 57-80.
  5. Kuswanda, W., Hutapea, F.J., & Setyawati, T. (2023). The Endangered long-tailed macaque is considered a pest in North Sumatra, Indonesia. Oryx, 57(1), 12-13.
Freddy Hutapea | Forestry | Best Researcher Award

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