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Mr. Jimmy Chaciga | solar cooking | Best Researcher Award

Graduate Researcher, Makerere University, Uganda

Mr. Jimmy Chaciga, a dedicated graduate researcher at Makerere University in Uganda, has been recognized with the prestigious Best Researcher Award for his groundbreaking work in solar cooking ☀️. Through his innovative research, Mr. Chaciga has made significant contributions to sustainable cooking methods, particularly in regions with limited access to conventional energy sources. His passion for harnessing solar power to address societal challenges showcases his commitment to environmental stewardship and social welfare. This accolade acknowledges his tireless efforts and underscores the importance of his work in advancing renewable energy solutions for a brighter, more sustainable future. 🏆




As a dedicated PhD student in the Department of Physics at Makerere University, I am privileged to be on track under the NORHED-II Scholarship through the Energy Technology Network Project. My research focuses on advancing solar energy technology, particularly in the development of clean and reliable cooking methods using solar PV heating. Through experimentation, simulations, and prototype development, I aim to make significant strides in this field. In my innovative cooking system, solar panels provide direct electrical energy during the day, supplemented by wind energy for cloudy days and nighttime charging. Energy storage in oil and rocks ensures accessibility for evening cooking sessions. 🌞

Employment and Research Experiences

As a dedicated researcher within the Energy Technology Network at Makerere University, my focus revolves around the development and innovation of clean cooking technology, leveraging PV solar heating without the need for batteries. I’ve spearheaded the development of prototypes within the Physics department, continuously refining systems through cooking tests and improvements for imminent field testing in Refugee Camps and Schools across Northern Uganda. Additionally, I’ve served as a Solar Energy Technical Trainer of Trainers, providing crucial updates and training sessions at Makerere University since 2017. In my previous role within the EnPE Project at Makerere University, I engaged in extensive research on Renewable Energy, particularly in solar thermal technologies, while also mentoring students and facilitating their learning and innovation journeys. Collecting experimental data on solar energy and emerging technologies has been integral to my contributions to sustainable energy solutions. 🌱🔬

Awards and Scholarships

I am grateful for the opportunities afforded to me through various scholarships and research grants that have propelled my academic and research endeavors. The Energy Technology Network Ph.D. scholarships, facilitated by NORHED at Makerere University, have provided vital support for my research materials, enabling me to delve deeper into renewable energy solutions. Additionally, my involvement with the Energy and Petroleum Research Group (EnPe) during my pursuit of a Master’s degree at Makerere University was made possible through a $2,500 grant. Furthermore, the Uganda Government Scholarship, awarded based on national merit, played a pivotal role in funding my Bachelor’s degree, providing $2,778 towards my education. These financial aids have been instrumental in shaping my academic journey and fostering my passion for sustainable energy research. 🎓💡

Publications Top Notes

Title: Performance Analysis of Energy Storage System Integrated with Cooking Unit. Authors: Okello, D., Omony, R., Chaciga, J., & Nyeinga, K. Journal: Journal of MdPI (2022)

Title: Construction of High Temperature Oil Pump for Solar Thermal Energy Storage System for Cooking Applications. Authors: Chaciga, J., Nyeinga, K., Tabu, B., & Okello, D. Journal: Tanzania Journal of Science, 44(4) (In Press, Dec. 2018)

Title: Thermal Performance of Selected Oils in Uganda for Indirect Solar Domestic Cooking Applications. Authors: Chaciga, J., Nyeinga, K., Tabu, B., & Okello, D. Journal: Tanzania Journal of Science, 44(4) (In Press, Dec. 2018)

Title: Advanced Level Physics Book, Mechanics and Properties of Matter, First Edition (2010). Author: Chaciga, J. Publisher: KN Publisher, Kampala.

Title: Advanced Level Hands-On and Mind-On Practical Physics Book, First Edition (2014). Author: Chaciga, J. Publisher: Published by MosesPrintary Ltd

Title: Ordinary Level Practical Physics Book Series “Hands On and Mind On”, Revised Edition (2013). Author: Chaciga, J. Publisher: KN Publisher.

Jimmy Chaciga | solar cooking | Best Researcher Award

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