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Prof Dr. Hussein Togun | clean energy | Best Researcher Award

PhD, University of Baghdad, Iraq

🌟 Prof. Dr. Hussein Togun is a distinguished researcher in the field of clean energy, recognized for his groundbreaking contributions. With a PhD from the University of Baghdad, Iraq, Dr. Togun has been instrumental in advancing renewable energy technologies and sustainable practices. His innovative research has earned him the prestigious Best Researcher Award, highlighting his exceptional expertise and dedication to solving global energy challenges. Dr. Togun’s work not only advances scientific knowledge but also contributes significantly to the transition towards a cleaner and more sustainable future. 🌱


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📚 From 2006 to 2021, I meticulously crafted and taught a comprehensive course spanning mathematics, Thermodynamics, Transport Phenomena, and Heat Transfer across various academic levels. Serving as the head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering from 2015 to 2019 enriched my experience further, allowing me to delve into every facet of course administration. This encompassed syllabus design, textbook selection, TA recruitment and supervision, assignment creation, supplementary material development, and lecturing. Additionally, I organized numerous seminars covering diverse Engineering disciplines, wherein participants earned full graduate credit. This multifaceted journey not only honed my teaching skills but also instilled a deep appreciation for academic leadership. 🎓

Research Areas

🔥 Exploring the forefront of thermal performance and heat transfer, my research delves into innovative areas such as Hybrid-Nanofluids and Phase Change Materials (PCM). By combining expertise in energy, fluid mechanics, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation, I aim to revolutionize heat transfer technologies. These efforts hold promise for enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability across various applications, from industrial processes to renewable energy systems. Through rigorous experimentation and modeling, I seek to unlock the full potential of advanced fluid systems, paving the way for more efficient heat management solutions in a rapidly evolving world. My passion lies in harnessing these technologies to drive positive change and address pressing global challenges. 💡


Citations  2753
h-index  27
i10-index  53

Publications Top Notes

“An experimental study on thermal conductivity and viscosity of nanofluids containing carbon nanotubes” (2014) – 296 citations

“Investigation of heat transfer enhancement in a forward-facing contracting channel using FMWCNT nanofluids” (2014) – 255 citations

“Preparation, characterization, viscosity, and thermal conductivity of nitrogen-doped graphene aqueous nanofluids” (2014) – 155 citations

“Numerical simulation of laminar to turbulent nanofluid flow and heat transfer over a backward-facing step” (2014) – 148 citations

“Heat transfer and fluid flow of pseudo-plastic nanofluid over a moving permeable plate with viscous dissipation and heat absorption/generation” (2019) – 147 citations

“An experimental and numerical investigation of heat transfer enhancement for graphene nanoplatelets nanofluids in turbulent flow conditions” (2015) – 144 citations

“Thermal performance of nanofluid in ducts with double forward-facing steps” (2015) – 89 citations

“A review of studies on forced, natural and mixed heat transfer to fluid and nanofluid flow in an annular passage” (2014) – 74 citations

“A novel hybrid biomass-solar driven triple combined power cycle integrated with hydrogen production: Multi-objective optimization based on power cost and CO2 emission” (2021) – 66 citations

“A novel hybrid modelling structure fabricated by using Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy to forecast HVAC systems energy demand in real-time for Basra city” (2020) – 56 citations


Hussein Togun | clean energy | Best Researcher Award

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