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Mr. Francisco Javier BECERRA SANCHEZ | Artifical Intelligence | Science Visionary Award

Doctoral Researcher, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Mr. Francisco Javier BECERRA SANCHEZ, a dedicated doctoral researcher at the University of Luxembourg, has been honored with the prestigious Artifical Intelligence Science Visionary Award 🏆. His groundbreaking work in the realm of artificial intelligence has captivated the scientific community, pushing the boundaries of innovation and exploration. With unwavering dedication and unparalleled vision, Mr. BECERRA SANCHEZ is paving the way for the future of AI research. His contributions are not only shaping the present landscape but also promising transformative advancements that will redefine the way we perceive and utilize artificial intelligence technology.



Education 🎓

Francisco Javier BECERRA SANCHEZ pursued his academic journey with dedication and excellence. He obtained his Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Sciences from Instituto Tecnológico de Ciudad Guzmán – TecNM, followed by a Master’s degree in the same field. Currently, he is pursuing a PhD in Computer Sciences, specializing in Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications at the University of Luxembourg.

Experience 💼

Throughout his career, Francisco showcased versatility and proficiency. He served as a Full-stack Developer at JECOR SA DE CV, contributing significantly to front-end development and database management. As a Freelance Web Developer, he honed his skills in web application development and digital marketing, providing innovative solutions to clients worldwide. Presently, as a Doctoral Researcher at the University of Luxembourg, he delves into cutting-edge AI techniques for audio signal processing in agriculture.

Research Interests 🧠

Francisco’s research interests converge on the intersection of artificial intelligence and agricultural technology. With a focus on audio signal processing, he explores the application of RNA, MP, SVM, KNN, and other AI techniques to revolutionize farming practices. His work aims to optimize crop management, enhance yield prediction, and contribute to sustainable agriculture practices, thereby addressing global food security challenges.

Publications 📚

  • Title: “Development of non-destructive system for estimating avocado quality parameters” Year: 2024
Francisco Javier BECERRA SANCHEZ | Artifical Intelligence | Science Visionary Award

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