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Assist Prof Dr. Fatemeh Ayoobi | Agricultural toxins on the brain | Best Researcher Award

Dr, Occupational Safety and Health Research Center, NICICO, World Safety Organization and Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences, Rafsanjan, Iran

🏆 Assisting Prof. Dr. Fatemeh Ayoobi, recipient of the Best Researcher Award, renowned for her pioneering work on the impact of agricultural toxins on the brain. As a distinguished member of the Occupational Safety and Health Research Center at NICICO, and affiliations with the World Safety Organization and Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences in Iran, Dr. Ayoobi has spearheaded groundbreaking research elucidating the intricate relationship between agricultural toxins and neurological health. Her dedication to unraveling the complexities of this field has earned her international acclaim and has significantly contributed to advancing our understanding of occupational hazards in agriculture. 🌱🧠


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Education 🎓

Dr. Jyoti Prasad Borah holds a PhD in Physics with a specialization in Nanomaterials from Gauhati University, Assam, India, awarded in 2010. His thesis focused on the synthesis, characterization, and properties of ZnS nanoclusters. Prior to this, he completed his M.Sc in Physics with a specialization in Electronics and Photonics, Condensed Matter Physics, from Tezpur University, Assam, India, in 2002. He obtained his B.Sc in Physics from Gauhati University, Assam, India, in 2000.

Professional Experience 💼

Dr. Jyoti Prasad Borah has a rich academic career spanning over two decades. Currently serving as an Associate Professor of Physics at the National Institute of Technology Nagaland, Dimapur, India, since November 2022, he previously held the position of Assistant Professor at the same institute from August 2010 to October 2022. Before joining NIT Nagaland, he worked as Jr. Technical Superintendent at the Department of Physics in Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati and as a lecturer at various institutes including Shillong Engineering & Management College and Narengi Jr. College.

Research Interests 🔬

Dr. Jyoti Prasad Borah’s research interests encompass several exciting areas within the field of physics. He specializes in the development of magnetic nanoparticles for magnetic hyperthermia applications, application of Density Functional Theory (DFT) to calculate electronic and magnetic structures, exploration of non-rare earth materials for permanent magnet applications, and the study of 2D magnets.

Publications Top Notes

“Sm Doped Cu−Ni Spinel Ferrite Nanoparticles for Hyperthermia and Photocatalytic Applications,” 2024, (Accepted), ACS Applied Nanomaterials

“Interplay of Anisotropy Energy Barrier and Self-Heating Efficiency of Cobalt-Substituted CuFe2O4 Nanoparticles,” Gongotree Phukan, Manoranjan Kar, and J. P. Borah, 2024, ACS Applied Materials Interface

“A comprehensive scrutiny to controlled dipolar interactions to intensify the self‑heating efficiency of biopolymer encapsulated Tb doped magnetite nanoparticles,” Krishnapriya Hazarika and J.P.Borah, 2024, Scientific Reports

“Influence of Controlled Dipolar Interaction for Polymer-Coated Gd Doped Magnetite Nanoparticles toward Magnetic Hyperthermia Application,” Krishnapriya Hazarika and J.P.Borah, 2024, ACS Omega

“Investigating the impact of structural defects in MWCNT/MnFe2O4 nanocomposite for efficient photodegradation of cationic dye,” Monalisa Hazarika, S. Sellaiyan, S.Jimkeli Singh, J.P. Borah, Naveen Kumar, P. Chinnamuthu, 2023, Physica B

Fatemeh Ayoobi | agricultural toxins on the brain | Best Researcher Award

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