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Introduction of Entrepreneurial Scientist Award


 Welcome to the esteemed Entrepreneurial Scientist Award—an accolade celebrating innovative individuals who embody the spirit of entrepreneurship while driving scientific discoveries and fostering groundbreaking advancements.

About the Award: The Entrepreneurial Scientist Award recognizes visionaries who merge scientific excellence with entrepreneurial acumen. It honors individuals who exhibit exceptional leadership, creativity, and business innovation in translating scientific discoveries into impactful ventures.


  • Open to: Scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, and collaborative teams.
  • Qualification: Demonstrated achievements in combining scientific research with entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Criteria: Individuals showcasing entrepreneurial spirit, scientific innovation, and successful commercialization of scientific discoveries or technologies.

Evaluation Criteria: Entries will be evaluated based on the integration of scientific research into successful entrepreneurial ventures, commercial impact, innovation, leadership, and the transformative nature of their scientific contributions.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Provide an overview of the entrepreneurial journey integrating scientific research.
  • Include evidence of successful commercialization, patents, business growth, or scientific publications.
  • Attach supplementary materials illustrating the entrepreneurial approach and the impact of scientific discoveries on business ventures.

Recognition: Recipients of the Entrepreneurial Scientist Award will be honored for their exceptional achievements, receiving recognition through ceremonies, business and scientific publications, and acknowledgment within entrepreneurial and scientific communities.

Community Impact: This award aims to highlight individuals whose entrepreneurial mindset has facilitated the application of scientific discoveries, creating successful ventures that positively impact industries and society.




Entrepreneurial Scientist Award

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