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Introduction of Cross-Disciplinary Innovation Award

Welcome to the prestigious Cross-Disciplinary Innovation Award—an esteemed recognition celebrating trailblazers and collaborative teams whose groundbreaking efforts transcend disciplinary boundaries, driving innovation through the fusion of diverse fields.

About the Award: The Cross-Disciplinary Innovation Award honors visionary individuals or teams who leverage knowledge from multiple disciplines to create pioneering solutions. It acknowledges those who break barriers, fostering collaboration to address complex challenges.


  • Open to: Innovators, researchers, teams, and organizations collaborating across diverse fields.
  • Qualification: Demonstrated success in integrating knowledge from different disciplines to create innovative solutions.
  • Criteria: Individuals or teams showcasing cross-disciplinary collaboration, innovative approaches, and impactful outcomes.

Evaluation Criteria: Entries will be evaluated based on the integration of diverse disciplines, the innovation’s impact, scalability, collaboration success, and the transformative nature of the solution.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Provide an extensive overview of the cross-disciplinary collaboration and its innovative outcomes.
  • Include evidence showcasing the impact through case studies, prototypes, or documented success stories.
  • Attach supplementary materials illustrating the collaborative approach and the potential implications of the innovation.

Recognition: Recipients of the Cross-Disciplinary Innovation Award will be honored for their exceptional achievements, receiving recognition through ceremonies, publications, and acknowledgment within interdisciplinary communities.

Community Impact: This award aims to highlight individuals or teams whose collaborative innovations have far-reaching implications, addressing complex problems by drawing on diverse knowledge bases.





Cross-Disciplinary Innovation Award

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