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Assist Prof Dr. Alireza Asle Zaeem | Fusion engineering | Best Researcher Award

scientific member, Nuclear science and technology research institute (NSTRI), Iran

🏆 Prof. Dr. Alireza Asle Zaeem, an esteemed figure in Fusion Engineering, has been honored with the prestigious Best Researcher Award for his groundbreaking contributions. Serving as a scientific member at the Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute (NSTRI) in Iran, Dr. Zaeem’s work embodies innovation and excellence in the field. His research not only advances fusion technology but also underscores Iran’s commitment to nuclear science. With a profound dedication to his craft, Dr. Zaeem continues to inspire peers and students alike, shaping the future of fusion energy research. His recognition highlights the significance of his contributions to scientific advancement and global energy sustainability. 🌟


🔬 Dr. Alireza Asle Zaeem, a distinguished scientific member of the Plasma and Fusion Research School at the Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute, specializes in Physics, Plasma, and Nuclear Fusion. His expertise spans Fusion Engineering and Ion Source technologies, where his research delves into the intricate mechanisms of plasma behavior and fusion reactions. Through his pioneering work, Dr. Zaeem contributes significantly to the advancement of fusion energy, addressing critical challenges in harnessing this clean and abundant power source. His dedication to unraveling the complexities of fusion processes underscores his pivotal role in shaping the future of sustainable energy solutions. 🌟

Research Foucs

🔬 Dr. Alireza Asle Zaeem’s research focuses on a diverse array of plasma-based technologies, particularly in Fusion Engineering and Ion Source development. His work encompasses experimental studies and theoretical investigations aimed at advancing fusion energy generation and plasma confinement methods. Through his contributions, Dr. Zaeem has explored the production of short-lived radioisotopes, neutron generation, and the optimization of plasma focus devices. Additionally, he delves into the design and construction of innovative plasma devices, aiming to enhance their efficiency and performance. His research not only contributes to fundamental understanding but also paves the way for practical applications in sustainable energy solutions. 🌟

Innovations,and Extension Activities

🔬 Driven by a lifelong fascination with the intricate world of nuclear science and its potential, I pursued a path of education culminating in a Ph.D. in Fusion Engineering. As a faculty member at the Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute, I immerse myself in research spanning from inertial electrostatic confinement fusion to pulsed plasma focus devices. For over three years, my focus has shifted towards designing and constructing fusion-based neutron generators. These compact yet powerful devices hold promise for diverse applications in industry and medicine, from treating brain tumors with BNCT to neutron radiography and PET scans. My current endeavors center on optimizing ion sources to maximize neutron yields and propel practical usage forward. 🌟

Publications Top Notes

  1. Experimental Study of the Iranian Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion Device as a Continuous Neutron Generator
    • Journal of Fusion Energy, 23(2011)
    • Authors: RD V. Damideh, A. Sadighzadeh, A. Koohi, A. Aslezaeem, A. Heidarnia, N …
    • Citations: 23
  2. Effects of Admixture Gas on the Production of 18F Radioisotope in Plasma Focus Devices
    • Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 68(12), 2218-2222 (2010)
    • Authors: A Talaei, SMS Kiai, AA Zaeem
    • Citations: 19
  3. Preliminary Results of the 115 kJ Dense Plasma Focus Device IR-MPF-100
    • Journal of Fusion Energy, 32, 293-297 (2013)
    • Authors: A Salehizadeh, A Sadighzadeh, MS Movahhed, AA Zaeem, A Heidarnia, …
    • Citations: 13
  4. Activities Study of Short-Lived Radioisotopes with a Filippov-type Plasma Focus
    • Journal of Fusion Energy, 28, 268-274 (2009)
    • Authors: AA Zaeem, S Mahmood Sadat Kiai, M Sedaghatizade, S Adlparvar, …
    • Citations: 13
  5. Design and Fabrication of 11.2 kJ Mather-type Plasma Focus IR-MPF-1 with High Drive Parameter
    • Journal of Fusion Energy, 31, 47-51 (2012)
    • Authors: V Damideh, AA Zaeem, A Heidarnia, A Sadighzadeh, MA Tafreshi, …
    • Citations: 10
  6. Design and Construction of the 5 kJ Filippov-type Plasma Focus with Brass Anode
    • Journal of Fusion Energy, 30, 462-465 (2011)
    • Authors: V Damideh, MA Tafreshi, A Heidarnia, A Asle-Zaeem, A Sadighzadeh
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  7. Effect of the Drive Parameter on the Differential Fusion Products in Plasma Focus Devices
    • IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 38(8), 2069-2073 (2010)
    • Authors: AA Zaeem
    • Citations: 9
  8. Plasma Focus Device as a Breeder of Proton to Produce Short Lived Radioisotope 18F
    • Journal of Fusion Energy, 28, 350-354 (2009)
    • Authors: A Asle-Zaeem, SMS Kiai, M Sedaghatizadeh, S Adlparvar, S Sheibani
    • Citations: 7
  9. Theoretical Study of the Endogenous Production of N-13 in 115 kJ Plasma Focus Device Using Methane Gas
    • Journal of Fusion Energy, 32, 480-487 (2013)
    • Authors: S Faghih Haghani, A Sadighzadeh, A Talaei, AA Zaeem, SM Sadat Kiai, …
    • Citations: 6
  10. Preliminary Results of IS Plasma Focus as a Breeder of Short-Lived Radioisotopes 12C(d,n)13N
    • Journal of Fusion Energy, 30, 111-115 (2011)
    • Authors: SM Sadat Kiai, M Elahi, S Adlparvar, E Shahhoseini, S Sheibani, …
    • Citations: 6
Alireza Asle Zaeem | Fusion engineering | Best Researcher Award

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