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Assoc Prof Dr. Abbas Rahi | Mechanical Engineering | Best Researcher Award

Associate Professor, Shahid Beheshti University, Iran

🌟 Assoc Prof Dr. Abbas Rahi, an esteemed figure in Mechanical Engineering, stands as a beacon of excellence at Shahid Beheshti University in Iran. His dedication and pioneering research have earned him the prestigious Best Researcher Award, a testament to his outstanding contributions in the field. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, Dr. Rahi continues to inspire both colleagues and students alike, shaping the future of Mechanical Engineering through his innovative work. His commitment to pushing the boundaries of scientific inquiry makes him a revered figure within the academic community and beyond. 🏆🔬


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🌟 Dr. Abbas Rahi is an accomplished Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical & Energy Engineering at Shahid Beheshti University, Iran. Holding a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from AmirKabir University of Technology, Iran, his expertise shines through in his primary focus on vibration analysis of structural elements. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for unraveling the complexities of mechanical systems, Dr. Rahi’s research has contributed significantly to the advancement of engineering knowledge. His dedication to excellence in both teaching and research serves as an inspiration to students and colleagues alike, fostering innovation and academic growth within the field. 🎓🔍


🌟 Dr. Rahi’s research spans theoretical and experimental methodologies, driving significant advancements in vibration analysis within mechanical engineering. His innovative contributions extend to bio-inspired engineering, where he integrates principles from nature into the development of shock absorbers, vibration dampers, and structural dynamics. With a relentless commitment to pushing knowledge boundaries, Dr. Rahi pioneers bio-inspired design principles, revolutionizing engineering solutions. Throughout his esteemed career, he has showcased unwavering dedication to research, translating expertise into practical applications. Dr. Rahi’s leadership and expertise leave a lasting imprint on the academic and research community, shaping the future of vibration analysis and bio-inspired engineering with impactful strides. 🎓🔬


🌟 Throughout my career, I’ve been deeply engaged in groundbreaking research, with a focus on vibrations, shock absorbers, vibration dampers, dynamics of rotating machinery, microstructure vibrations, microstructure damage, and impact absorber design. My work extends into bio-inspired engineering, blending theory and practice to pioneer novel solutions in these domains. I’ve played a pivotal role in developing shock absorbers and vibration dampers with practical applications across industries. Expertise in rotating machinery dynamics has propelled advancements in machinery design and performance optimization. Research in microstructure vibrations and damage has offered crucial insights into microscopic structural behavior. My journey signifies a relentless pursuit of knowledge and innovation in vibrations and structural dynamics. 🔬🚀

Publications Top Notes

“Investigating the effects of vibration method on ultrasonic-assisted drilling of Al/SiCp metal matrix composites” (2014) – MA Kadivar, J Akbari, R Yousefi, A Rahi, MG Nick Citations: 103

“Comparative assessment of engine performance and emissions fueled with three different biodiesel generations” (2020) – S Tayari, R Abedi, A Rahi Citations: 76

“Axial crushing analysis of empty and foam-filled brass bitubular cylinder tubes” (2015) – S Azarakhsh, A Rahi, A Ghamarian, H Motamedi Citations: 63

“Microstructural, mechanical, and thermophysical characterization of Cu/WC composite layers fabricated via friction stir processing” (2014) – J Khosravi, MKB Givi, M Barmouz, A Rahi Citations: 53

“Controlling energy absorption capacity of combined bitubular tubes under axial loading” (2018) – A Rahi Citations: 37

“An experimental study on effects of post-heating parameters on resistance spot welding of SAPH440 steel” (2011) – AR Jahandideh, M Hamedi, SA Mansourzadeh, A Rahi Citations: 36

“Experimental comparison of acoustic emission sensors in the detection of outer race defect of angular contact ball bearings by artificial neural network” (2021) – A Meserkhani, SM Jafari, A Rahi Citations: 33

“Thermo-mechanical analysis of functionally graded wheel-mounted brake disk” (2015) – T Mahmoudi, A Parvizi, E Poursaeidi, A Rahi Citations: 26

“Burr size reduction in drilling of Al/SiC metal matrix composite by ultrasonic assistance” (2012) – MA Kadivar, R Yousefi, J Akbari, A Rahi, SM Nikouei Citations: 22

“Tip dynamic response of elastic joint manipulators subjected to a stochastic base excitation” (2003) – M Bahrami, A Rahi Citations: 22

Abbas Rahi | Mechanical Engineering | Best Researcher Award

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