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Prof Dr. Yung-Kang Shen | scaffold | Best Researcher Award

Chairman, School of Dental Technology/Taipei Medical University, Taiwan

Congratulations to Prof Dr. Yung-Kang Shen on receiving the prestigious Best Researcher Award for his outstanding contributions in the field of scaffold technology! 🎉 As Chairman of the School of Dental Technology at Taipei Medical University in Taiwan, Dr. Shen has demonstrated unparalleled dedication and expertise in advancing scaffold research, revolutionizing dental care and beyond. His innovative work has not only enhanced our understanding of scaffold materials but also paved the way for groundbreaking applications in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. This well-deserved recognition underscores Dr. Shen’s unwavering commitment to excellence and his significant impact on the scientific community. 🏆




Based on the provided citation metrics:

Professor Yung-Kang Shen has received a total of 1,101 citations from 955 documents.

He has authored or co-authored 123 documents.

His h-index, which measures both the productivity and citation impact of a scientist’s publications, is not explicitly provided but can be inferred to be at least 19 based on the available data.

Publications Top Notes

“An innovative three-dimensional printed titanium implant with a biomimetic structure design for promoting osseointegration potential” – 2024

“The Influence of Dental Virtualization, Restoration Types, and Placement Angles on the Trueness and Contact Space in 3D-Printed Crowns: A Comprehensive Exploration” – 2024

“Characteristics of the 3D-printed composite material in different raster orientations under thermal effects” – 2024

“Applying machine learning to assess the morphology of sculpted teeth” – 2024

“Cell detachment rates and confluence of fibroblast and osteoblast cell culture using different washing solutions | Taxas de desprendimento celular e confluência de cultura celular de fibroblastos e osteoblastos a partir de diferentes soluções de lavagem” – 2024

“An innovative bioactive surface with potential hemocompatibility performance for enhancing osseointegration at early-stage implantation” – 2023

“An Innovative Biofunctional Composite Hydrogel with Enhanced Printability, Rheological Properties, and Structural Integrity for Cell Scaffold Applications” – 2023

“PCL/Graphene Scaffolds for the Osteogenesis Process” – 2023

“New Insight of Scaffold Based on Hydroxyapatite (HAp)/Bacteria’s Nanocellulose (BN) for Dental Tissue Engineering” – 2023

“An innovative biomimetic porous bioceramic to facilitate bone tissue regeneration: Microstructural characteristics, biocompatibility, and in vivo rabbit model evaluation” – 2023



Yung-Kang Shen | Scaffold | Best Researcher Award

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