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Dr. Sherrie Wallington | Social Determinants of Health | Best Researcher Award

Associate Professor, George Washington University School of Nursing & Milken Institute School of Public Health, United States

Short Bio 📜

Dr. Sherrie Wallington is a distinguished scholar in the field of mass communication and media studies, with a particular focus on public health communications. With extensive academic training from prestigious institutions and significant contributions to research, Dr. Sherrie Wallington has become a leading voice in the intersection of media and health disparities. Their work has been recognized through numerous awards and published in high-impact journals.



Education 🎓

Dr. Sherrie Wallington completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Harvard School of Public Health, Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, MA (2006-2009), mentored by Drs. Howard Koh, K. (Vish) Viswanath, and Karen Emmons. Their PhD in Mass Communication and Media Studies was earned from Howard University School of Communications, Washington, DC in 2006, with a dissertation advised by Carolyn Stroman, PhD. Dr. [Name] also holds an MA in Speech Communication/Public Relations (1990) and a BSHE in Communication Arts (1984) from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Experience 🧑‍🏫

Dr. Sherrie Wallington has a robust teaching portfolio, including facilitating HPV Vaccine Provider Training courses across various institutions in Washington, DC. They have also taught doctoral-level courses at George Washington University School of Nursing, such as NURS-8451—DE Research Practicum and Determinants of Health—NURS 8430-DE, consistently receiving high evaluation scores from students.

Research Interest 🔬

Dr. Sherrie Wallington’s research interests lie at the intersection of public health communication, health disparities, and cancer prevention. They focus on understanding and improving health literacy, evaluating public health interventions, Social Determinants of Health and developing strategies to address health disparities among underserved populations.

Awards 🏆

Dr. Sherrie Wallington has been recognized with numerous awards, including the George Washington Cancer Center Community Engagement Award (2023), Peer Mentor Award from the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation (2019), and the Minority Scholar in Cancer Research Award from the American Association for Cancer Research (2008). They have also received several teaching and research awards throughout their career.

Publications 📚

Dr.Sherrie Wallington has contributed significantly to academic literature. Key publications include:

Evaluating a virtual flipped classroom approach to nurse practitioner telehealth competency development (Journal of Nursing Education, in press).

Racial/ethnic reporting differences in cancer literature regarding Machine Learning vs. A radiologist: A systematic review and meta-analysis (Journal of Medical Artificial Intelligence, 2023)

Self-regulatory coping among community dwelling older adults with multiple chronic conditions (J Multimorb Comorb, 2023)

Prevalence of Food Insecurity Among Cancer Survivors in the United States: A Scoping Review (J Acad Nutr Diet, 2023)

Paid Leave for Fathers: Policy, Practice, and Reform (Milbank Q, 2022)

Faith, family, and social networks: Effective strategies for recruiting Brazilian Immigrants in maternal and child health research (J Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities, 2020)


Sherrie Wallington | Social Determinants of Health | Best Researcher Award

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