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Prof. Ragaa Hamouda | microbiology Award | Best Researcher Award

Ragaa Hamouda ,University of Sadat City, Egypt

🏆 Prof. Ragaa Hamouda from the University of Sadat City, Egypt, has been honored with the prestigious Microbiology Award for her groundbreaking research contributions. Her dedication and innovative approaches have significantly advanced the field, earning her the title of Best Researcher. 🌟 Prof. Hamouda’s work epitomizes excellence, demonstrating profound insights into microbiological phenomena. Her relentless pursuit of knowledge and commitment to scientific rigor inspire both peers and students alike. Through her remarkable achievements, she continues to shape the landscape of microbiology, leaving an indelible mark on the scientific community. Prof. Hamouda’s accolade underscores her invaluable contributions and unwavering passion for advancing our understanding of the microbial world.



Education 🎓

Prof. Ragaa Hamouda holds a Ph.D. in Biology, specializing in Microbiology, from Al-Faraby Kazakh National University, where she researched the role of microorganisms in gold leaching processes. She also obtained a Master’s degree from Mansoura University, focusing on the activity of algae against viral infectivity. Additionally, she holds diplomas in Russian Language and Education, alongside a B.Sc. in Botany from Tanta University.

Experience 💼

Prof. Hamouda boasts a rich academic journey spanning over two decades. She has held positions ranging from Lecturer to Professor, notably at the University of Sadat City, Egypt, and the University of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Her expertise lies in Microbial Biotechnology, with significant contributions to research institutes and educational faculties across multiple countries.

Research Interests 🔬

Prof. Hamouda’s research interests revolve around Microbial Biotechnology, particularly focusing on the extraction of valuable metals from ores using bacterial processes. She is intrigued by the potential of microorganisms in various industrial applications, emphasizing sustainable and eco-friendly methodologies.

Awards 🏆

Prof. Ragaa Hamouda has garnered prestigious accolades, including first place at the International Congress of Students and Young Scientists in Al-Faraby Kazakh National University. Her publications have earned her recognition, with awards for Best Publication at the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research Institute, Sadat City, Egypt, and acknowledgment as one of the top 2% of world authors.

Publications 📚

Kanaev AТ, Hamouda RА, Kamalov MR (2008) – Link

Hamouda RА, Kanaev A, Kanaeva Z, Kamalov M (2008) – Link

Kamalov MR, Kanaev AТ, Hamouda RА (2008) – Link

Kanaev AТ, Kamalov MR, Hamouda RА, Kanaeva ZК (2008) – Link

Hamouda RА, Kanaev A, Kanaeva Z, Kamalov MR (2008) – Link

Kanaev AТ, Hamouda RА, Kamalov MR, Kanaeva ZК (2009) – Link

Hamouda RА, Kanaev AТ, Kamalov MR, Kanaeva ZК (2009) – Link

Hamouda RА (2009) – Link



Ragaa Hamouda | microbiology Award | Best Researcher Award

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