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Dr. Mpho J. Lencwe | Power Electronics | Best Researcher Award

Researcher and Founder of Reotric Institute for Energy and Power (Pty) Ltd., Tshwane University of Technology and Reotric Institute for Energy & Power (Pty) Ltd., South Africa

Dr. Mpho J. Lencwe, an esteemed researcher, and founder of the Reotric Institute for Energy and Power (Pty) Ltd., is recognized for his outstanding contributions to the field of power electronics. With a strong background in academia and industry, Dr. Lencwe has made significant advancements in the development of efficient energy systems. His research at the Tshwane University of Technology and the Reotric Institute for Energy & Power (Pty) Ltd. has garnered widespread acclaim, earning him the prestigious Best Researcher Award. 🏆 Dr. Lencwe’s innovative work continues to drive progress in sustainable energy solutions, making him a leading figure in the field.




As Acting Chief Engineering Technician at Transnet Freight Rail from February 2016 to April 2016, I oversaw critical duties including managing test and measurement equipment, executing structural test measurements on rolling stock vehicles, locomotives, and coaches, and maintaining an international standardization license with Transport Canada. I led a team in conducting wheelset machine test verifications and ensured seamless business operations within the Dynamic Test Facility. Additionally, I managed workshop personnel and projects to ensure timely completion without compromising safety standards. 🚂 My tenure exemplified a commitment to excellence and efficiency in railway engineering practices.


At Tshwane University of Technology, I’ve been pursuing a Doctor of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Power Engineering since January 2020. Prior to this, I completed my Master of Engineering degree, specializing in Power Engineering, where my research on “Development of a Battery Management Strategy for Transport Vehicles” received recognition with a second-place prize for outstanding faculty output in 2018. 🎓 My academic journey began with a Bachelor of Technology degree in Electrical Engineering from January 2013 to May 2016, laying the foundation for my career in the field of engineering.

Awards and Achievements

Since completing my national senior certificate, I have garnered notable achievements in various fields. At Batlhaping High School, I was honored as the best achiever in Setswana language performance in 2008, showcasing my linguistic prowess. 🏆 Additionally, at Tshwane University of Technology, my academic excellence was recognized with a second prize for Masters Performance and Outputs in 2019, highlighting my dedication to research and innovation. Moreover, in 2020, I clinched the second Innovation Prize at the Tshwane Inter-University Innovation Challenge, demonstrating my ability to develop innovative solutions and contribute to the advancement of knowledge and technology. 🌟

Publications Top Notes

“Integrated Fuzzy-Logic and Triple-Loop PI-Based Management Strategy for a Lead-Acid/Lithium-Ion Hybrid Battery Energy Storage System” – 2022 Author: Mpho J. Lencwe

“A Battery Management Strategy in a Lead-Acid and Lithium-Ion Hybrid Battery Energy Storage System for Conventional Transport Vehicles” – 2022 Author: Mpho J. Lencwe

“Hybrid energy storage system topology approaches for use in transport vehicles: A review” – 2022 Author: Mpho J. Lencwe

“An Effective Control for Lead-Acid Performance Enhancement in a Hybrid Battery-Supercapacitor System Used in Transport Vehicles” – 2021 Author: Mpho J. Lencwe

“An Efficient HVAC Network Control for Safety Enhancement of a Typical Uninterrupted Power Supply Battery Storage Room” – 2021 Author: Mpho J. Lencwe

“Towards Performance Enhancement of Lead-Acid Battery for modern Transport Vehicles” – 2020 Author: Mpho J. Lencwe




Mpho J. Lencwe | Power Electronics | Best Researcher Award

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