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Dr. Charli Sitinjak | Psychology | Best Researcher Award

Lecturer,Β Universitas Esa Unggul,Β Indonesia

Dr. Charli Sitinjak, M.Si., Ph.D., a part-time Lecturer at Esa Unggul University, πŸŽ“ specializes in Social Psychology with a focus on quantitative methods. πŸ“Š Their expertise spans various statistical analysis software like SPSS, JASP, PLS, AMOS, and WarpPLS, allowing for meticulous data analysis. πŸ“ˆ Their research delves into the intersections of social, environmental, and health psychology, particularly in understanding the dynamics between the built environment, transportation, and overall well-being. πŸ™οΈ Dr. Sitinjak’s proficiency in quantitative methods and their role as a reviewer for esteemed journals like Frontiers in Public Health and Psychology reflect their commitment to evidence-based research. πŸ“




In 2021, Charli Sitinjak earned their Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Psychology, specializing in Social Psychology, from the National University of Malaysia under the supervision of Professor Rozmi Ismail. πŸŽ“ Prior to this, they completed their Master of Science (M.Si.) in Psychology at the University Muhammadyah Malang, Indonesia, from 2014 to 2016, with Assoc. Prof. Latipun, PhD., as their supervisor. πŸ“š Their academic journey began at the University of Mulawarman, Indonesia, where they obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Education in 2013, focusing on Education. 🏫 This diverse educational background underscores Dr. Sitinjak’s interdisciplinary approach to research and expertise in psychology.


From 2016 to 2018, Charli Sitinjak served as the Area Manager for Marketing at PT. NSS, where they spearheaded various responsibilities such as evaluating and refining marketing strategies, analyzing market trends, and coordinating efforts across departments. πŸ“Š In 2018, they transitioned to Mandiri Utama Finance as the Marketing Area Head, Captive, overseeing comprehensive marketing campaigns. πŸš€ Their role involved ensuring effective communication with customers, analyzing website performance, and identifying new market opportunities. 🎯 Through both positions, Dr. Sitinjak demonstrated strong leadership and strategic acumen in driving marketing initiatives to enhance brand visibility and drive business growth. 🌟

Editorial and Reviewer of Journals

Since 2022, Dr. Charli Sitinjak has been actively engaged in scholarly endeavors, serving as a Reviewer for esteemed journals such as the Formosa Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, Formosa Journal of Multidiscipline Madani, CV. Sintax Corporation Indonesia, and the East Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research. πŸ“ Additionally, they hold the role of Review Editor for Frontiers in Sustainable Resource Management and contribute as a Reviewer for PeerJ Computer Science and Frontiers in Public Health. πŸ“š Their dedication to peer review underscores their commitment to advancing knowledge and ensuring the quality of academic publications in diverse multidisciplinary fields. 🌟

Publications Top Notes

“Psychometric components of the social acceptance toward end-of-life vehicles policy: A case study of Indonesia” (2024) Source: Transport Policy

“Psychological factors shaping public acceptance of the adoption of autonomous vehicles in Indonesia” (2024) Source: Journal of Transport & Health

“Barriers to effective implementation of end-of-life vehicle management in Indonesia” (2023) Source: Environmental Science and Pollution Research

“Exploring Public Attitudes and Acceptance of CCUS Technologies in JABODETABEK: A Cross-Sectional Study” (2023) Source: Energies

“Exploring the Impact of Social Factors on Attitudes Toward Death in Elderly Adults in Malaysia” (2023) Source: Revista de GestΓ£o Social e Ambiental

“Assessing Public Acceptance of Autonomous Vehicles for Smart and Sustainable Public Transportation in Urban Areas: A Case Study of Jakarta, Indonesia” (2023) Source: Sustainability

“Exploring Public Perceptions and Disposal Procedures in the Development of a Comprehensive End-of-Life Vehicle Regulation in Malaysia: A Pilot Study” (2023) Source: Sustainability



Charli Sitinjak | Psychology | Best Researcher Award

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