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Mr.  Mojtaba Ajorloo | Waste Recycling | Best Researcher Award

Mojtaba Ajorloo, UNSW, Australia

Mojtaba Ajorloo is a dedicated individual currently residing in Sydney, NSW. He is associated with UNSW, showcasing his commitment to academic pursuits and professional growth in Australia. With a passion for advancing knowledge, Mojtaba stands out as a promising figure in the academic realm. His contact details include a phone number: +61452572417, and email: mj.ajorloo7@gmail.com. As an active member of the UNSW community, Mojtaba contributes to the academic landscape with enthusiasm and determination. 🌏✨



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Currently, Mojtaba is on an academic journey at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia, where he is pursuing a Ph.D. in Chemical-Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Waste-to-Energy. His commitment to exploring innovative solutions for waste management and energy production demonstrates his dedication to sustainable practices. Mojtaba’s academic pursuits, spanning across renowned institutions in Iran and Australia, underscore his passion for advancing the field of Chemical Engineering. 🎓🌍🔬


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Research Experiences

Meet Mojtaba Ajorloo, a diligent researcher with a passion for sustainability and innovation. 🌱 With a Ph.D. project focused on thermodynamic analysis of waste-to-energy processes at UNSW, Sydney, they’ve showcased expertise in both literature review and experimental design, resulting in published articles and validated thermodynamic models. As a research assistant on industry-funded projects, they’ve excelled in designing experiments, optimizing processes, and meeting rigorous standards, such as ASTM requirements for automotive applications. Their collaborative spirit, technical acumen, and dedication to environmentally conscious solutions make them a valuable asset to any research team. 📚🔬

Publications Top Notes

  1. “How are the thermal properties of polypropylene/graphene nanoplatelet composites affected by polymer chain configuration and size of nanofiller?”
    • Cited by: 69
    • Year: 2019
  2. “Recent advances in thermodynamic analysis of biomass gasification: a review on numerical modeling and simulation”
    • Cited by: 48
    • Year: 2022
  3. “Incorporation of recycled polypropylene and fly ash in polypropylene-based composites for automotive applications”
    • Cited by: 39
    • Year: 2021
  4. “The role of nanofiller size and polymer chain configuration on the properties of polypropylene/graphite nanoplates composites”
    • Cited by: 18
    • Year: 2020
  5. “Modelling and statistical analysis of plastic biomass mixture co-gasification”
    • Cited by: 17
    • Year: 2022
  6. “Heavy metals removal/stabilization from municipal solid waste incineration fly ash: a review and recent trends”
    • Cited by: 16
    • Year: 2022
  7. “A statistical approach to investigate the effects of multicomponent fractions on the mechanical properties of PP/PPMA/Talc/POE composites”
    • Cited by: 9
    • Year: 2020
  8. “Development of a bubble growth model for natural rubber‐based foams”
    • Cited by: 6
    • Year: 2021
  9. “One-step regulating the microstructure in physical foaming process of polypropylene”
    • Cited by: 4
    • Year: 2020
  10. “Modelling and Statistical Analysis of Plastic Steam Gasification”
    • Year: 2022
  11. “Evaluation of the Usage of Recycled Polypropylene and Fly Ash in Modified Polypropylene-Based Composites Used in Automotive Industry”
    • Year: 2019


Mojtaba Ajorloo | Waste Recycling | Best Researcher Award

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