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Mr. Mfor Ebot Agbor-ambang | Green Technology Award | Best Researcher Award

Engineering,Β Soka University,Β Japan

Mr. Mfor Ebot Agbor-Ambang, a distinguished researcher in the field of Green Technology, has been honored with both the Green Technology Award and the Best Researcher Award. His remarkable contributions to the field, particularly at Soka University in Japan, have garnered widespread recognition. 🌱 His innovative approaches and dedication to sustainability have propelled him to the forefront of green technology research. Through his work, he has demonstrated a profound commitment to addressing environmental challenges and fostering a more sustainable future. Mr. Agbor-Ambang’s achievements serve as inspiration for researchers worldwide, exemplifying the profound impact of dedication and expertise in advancing eco-friendly solutions.



πŸ“š Education

Mr. Mfor Ebot Agbor-Ambang is a distinguished scholar with an impressive academic journey. He completed his Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering at Saint Monica University, Cameroon, from 2014 to 2017, laying the foundation for his future endeavors. πŸŽ“ Subsequently, he pursued his Master of Science in Environmental Engineering at Soka University, Japan, from 2019 to 2021, delving deeper into his passion for sustainability. Currently, he is on track to obtain his Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from Symbiosis, Soka University, Japan, with an expected graduation in 2024. Mr. Agbor-Ambang’s educational pursuits reflect his commitment to excellence and his dedication to making meaningful contributions to environmental science and engineering.

πŸ† Academic Honors and Awards

Mr. Mfor Ebot Agbor-Ambang’s academic journey is not only marked by his scholarly achievements but also by his dedication to pioneering research and academic excellence. He has been a recipient of prestigious scholarships, including the Soka University Academic Fee Exemption Scholarship for International Students from 2019 to 2024, highlighting his outstanding academic performance and potential. πŸ“š Additionally, he was awarded the Soka University Makiguchi Memorial Education Fund Scholarship from 2019 to 2021, recognizing his commitment to education and community engagement. Furthermore, his involvement in groundbreaking research initiatives funded by JST from 2021 to 2024 underscores his contribution to advancing scientific knowledge and innovation in environmental engineering.

πŸŽ“ Teaching and Research Interests

Mr. Mfor Ebot Agbor-Ambang’s research interests span a wide array of innovative technologies and methodologies in environmental engineering. 🌍 His focus encompasses anaerobic digestion technology, a sustainable approach to waste management, with particular expertise in Chinese dome digesters. Utilizing advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations, he delves into optimizing anaerobic digesters’ performance, ensuring efficient biogas production and waste treatment. His proficiency in ANSYS software enables precise modeling and analysis, contributing to the development of robust waste management systems. Through his research, Mr. Agbor-Ambang aims to pioneer solutions that mitigate environmental impacts while promoting renewable energy generation and sustainable resource utilization.

πŸ“„ PublicationsΒ 

CFD simulation of the mixing process and performance evaluation of a two-way flow Chinese dome digester πŸ”„
Agborambang, M.E., Fujiwara, M., Sekine, M., Bhatia, P., Toda, T.
Biosystems Engineering, 2024, 240, pp. 77–89

Abstract: This study investigates the mixing process and evaluates the performance of a two-way flow Chinese dome digester through Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation.

Characterization of Mixing by CFD Simulation and Optimization of Mixing Frequency to Break Scum and Enhance Methane Yield in Chinese Dome Digester πŸ”„
Agborambang, M.E., Fujiwara, M., Bhatia, P., Matsuyama, T., Toda, T.
Bioenergy Research, 2023, 16(3), pp. 1902–1912

Abstract: This research focuses on characterizing mixing using CFD simulation and optimizing mixing frequency to disrupt scum formation and improve methane yield in Chinese dome digesters.


Mfor Ebot Agbor-ambang | Green Technology Award | Best Researcher Award

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