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Lilyanne Garcez: Materials Science: Women Researcher Award

Professor at Universidade Estadual Paulista: Brazil

👨‍🏫Lilyanne Garcez  stands as a distinguished academic and researcher in the domain of Materials Science. Holding a Ph.d in Universidade Estadual Paulista her professional journey exemplifies dedication and expertise. 📚

🌐 Professional Profiles:

Academic Graduation / Title:

🎓 PhD in Materials Science and Technology (2019-2023): University: Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho, UNESP, Brazil Title: “Physical and Mechanical Properties of the Soil-Cement Mixture, using LC3 Cement and the Incorporation of Raw Materials: Silica Fume, Fly Ash, Sugarcane Bagasse Ash, and Açai Seed Ash” Year Obtained: 2023 Keywords: Sustainable Technology, Alternative Raw Materials, Industrial and Agro-industrial Waste, Soil-cement Brick, Life Cycle Assessment Major Area: Engineering Subarea: Civil Engineering📜 Professional Master’s Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering (2007-2009)University: Federal University of Campina Grande, UFCG, Brazil Title: “Toxicity Study in an Urban Solid Waste Bioreactor in the City of Campina Grande” Year Obtained: 2009Keywords: Bioreactor, Solid Waste, Toxicity Major Area: Engineering📚 Specialization in Business Administration (2003-2007) : Institution: Fundação Getúlio Vargas, FGV / ISAE, Brazil Title: “Strategy – Business Game”🏗️ Degree in Civil Engineering (1998-2003): University: Federal University of Amazonas, UFAM, Brazil Title: “Economic Viability in Replacing Pebbles with Aggregate Derived from Construction and Demolition”

Professional Performance at Federal University of Amazonas, UFAM, Brazil:

🏫 Employment: Public Servant 👩‍🏫 Job Title: Teacher Department: Civil Engineering, Faculty of Technology Regime: Exclusive Dedication📚 Scholarship Monitoring📅 2003 Functional Framework: Student Discipline Monitored: Hydro-sanitary Installations, Faculty of Technology, Civil Engineering Course📚 Scholarship Monitoring📅 2002 – 2003Discipline Monitored: Hydro-sanitary Installations, Faculty of Technology, Civil Engineering Course

Activities at Federal University of Amazonas:

👨‍🏫 Teaching Experience: Subject: Fundamentals of Security Engineering Academic Period: 2023/02 Level: Undergraduate🏛️ Boards, Commissions, and Consultancy: Office/Function: Committee for the Preparation of the Unit Development Plan (PDU) of the Faculty of Technology (FT/UFAM) – 2024/2025🌐 Councils, Commissions, and Consultancy: Office/Function: Representative of the Faculty of Technology at CEG/UFAM (Chamber of Undergraduate Education – UFAM)Involvement with Board of World Missions, JMM, Brazil:🌍 Volunteering Experience📅 2005 – 2006, Functional Framework: Volunteer Without Borders Project (Radical Latino Americano) – Exclusive Dedication

Complementary Training:

📱 Social Media – Institutional Use of Networks (2023): Institution: Federal University of Amazonas, UFAM, Brazil. 🗑️ Solid Waste Management (2012): Institution: Ministry of the Environment and Legal Amazonia, MMA, Brazil. 🏗️ Bidding and Supervision of Public Works (2009): Institution: School of Administration and Training, ESAFI, Brazil. 💰 BDI Calculation (2009): Institution: Qualifica Specialized Teaching Center, QUALIFIA, Brazil. 🗑️ Design and Dimensioning of Sanitary Landfills (2008): Institution: Brazilian Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering, ABES, Brazil. 🖥️ AutoCAD 2000 (2001): Institution: Create CAD Computer Graphics, CREATE CAD, Brazil. 💻 Basic Computing (1997): Institution: Contact Processing Data Ltd, CONTACT, Brazil. 📚 Support Program for Primary Education (1994):Institution: Federal University of Amazonas, UFAM, Brazil

Scientific Research:

🌳 Luana Borba Teixeira de Carvalho: Title: Environmental Diagnosis in Parque Richuelo II (2018), Type: Scientific Initiation (Graduating in Civil Engineering), University: Federal University of Amazonas. 👩‍⚕️ Alice Barroso Miranda: Title: Health Diagnosis in Parque Richuelo II (2018), Type: Scientific Initiation (Graduating in Civil Engineering), University: Federal University of Amazonas

Participation in Events, Congresses, Exhibitions, and Fairs:

🌐 1st Posmat Virtual Technical Meeting (2020), Type: Other🔬 22nd Symposium on Materials Science and Engineering – Sicem (2020), Type: Symposium🧪 I Brazilian Interdisciplinary Congress on Science and Technology – Cobicet (2020), Type: Congress 📚 XLVIII Brazilian Congress of Engineering Education (COBENGE) and III ABENGE International Symposium on Engineering Education (2020),Type: Congress♻️ VIII UEA Biology Week: Lecture: “What It’s Like to Live Trying to Stop Producing Waste in Brazil” (2018)🎓 XLV Brazilian Congress of Engineering Education (2017), Type: Congress


Top Noted Publications by Mohamad Al rahhal📚🔍:

Contribution to low-carbon cement studies: Effects of silica fume, fly ash, sugarcane bagasse ash and acai stone ash incorporation in quaternary blended limestone-calcined clay cement concretes        Paper Published in 2023 cited by 14

Mechanical strength and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of soil-cement: comparison between mixtures of soil with ASTM type III cement, LC3, and the incorporation of by products and agroindustrial residues         Paper Published in 2024

Construction of Indicators for Environmental Diagnosis and Application in Communities Inserted in Environmental Protection Area | Construção de uma matriz de indicadores para diagnóstico ambiental e sua aplicação em comunidade inserida em Área de Proteção Ambiental (APA)  Paper Published in 2020


Lilyanne Garcez involvement in research and participation in various academic events exhibits a commitment to both scholarly inquiry and the dissemination of knowledge.



Lilyanne Garcez | Materials Science | Women Researcher Award

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