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Introduction of  Interdisciplinary Research Excellence Award

The Interdisciplinary Research Excellence Award acknowledges outstanding collaborations that leverage diverse disciplines, fostering innovation at the intersection of multiple fields and generating comprehensive solutions to complex challenges.


  • Collaborative Nature: Partnerships or projects involving integration across multiple disciplines.
  • Innovation at Intersections: Initiatives showcasing synergy between different fields to address complex problems.
  • Qualifications: Open to collaborations driving innovation through interdisciplinary approaches.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Effectiveness of interdisciplinary integration and collaboration.
  • Impact and novelty of solutions generated through interdisciplinary efforts.
  • Potential for addressing complex challenges through cross-disciplinary approaches.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Comprehensive overview highlighting the interdisciplinary collaboration’s objectives, methodologies, and outcomes.
  • Evidence showcasing the effectiveness and impact of integrating multiple disciplines.
  • Testimonials or endorsements emphasizing the value of interdisciplinary collaboration in solving complex challenges.

Recipients receive recognition for their interdisciplinary collaborations, inspiring a culture of cross-disciplinary innovation and problem-solving.

Community Impact:
The award aims to promote the significance of interdisciplinary research, fostering collaborations that generate holistic solutions to multifaceted problems.

Biography and Abstract:

  • Biography: An overview of the collaborative journey and the significance of integrating multiple disciplines.
  • Abstract: A concise summary highlighting the interdisciplinary collaboration’s impact and innovative outcomes.

Supporting Files:

  • Interdisciplinary Research Documentation: Detailed documentation outlining the integration of diverse disciplines and its impact.
  • Case Studies: Evidence illustrating the effectiveness of interdisciplinary approaches in addressing complex challenges.
  • Testimonials or Endorsements: Statements from collaborators or beneficiaries affirming the effectiveness of the cross-disciplinary collaboration.





Interdisciplinary Research Excellence Award

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