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Dr. Edris Khezri | IOT | Best Researcher Award

Assistant professor, Boukan Islamic Azad University, Iran

Dr. Francesco Napolitano, a distinguished researcher at the Institute for Polymers, Composites and Biomaterials – National Research Council in Italy, has garnered acclaim for his groundbreaking work in characterizing thermoplastic composites. His innovative methodologies have advanced understanding in this field, offering insights crucial for applications spanning from automotive to aerospace industries. Dr. Napolitano’s commitment to excellence has earned him the esteemed Best Researcher Award, reflecting his exceptional contributions to materials science. 🏆 His expertise continues to inspire fellow researchers and shape the future of thermoplastic composite technology.



Education 🎓

Nilda del Carmen Gallardo Alpízar pursued her academic journey with dedication and excellence. She holds a Ph.D. in a specialized field, focusing on the intersection of polymers, composites, and biomaterials. Her academic background equipped her with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in her research endeavors. 🧪

Work Experience 💼

Dr. Gallardo Alpízar has gained extensive experience in research and academia, particularly in the field of polymer science and engineering. Her roles as a research fellow at the National Research Council (CNR) have allowed her to contribute to groundbreaking projects focused on recycling plastic wastes and additive manufacturing techniques. Additionally, her entrepreneurial spirit led her to co-found a startup, Wolffia Srl, where she applies her expertise to drive innovation in the industry. 🔬

Research Interests 🔬

Dr. Gallardo Alpízar’s research interests lie at the intersection of polymer science, materials engineering, and additive manufacturing. She is particularly interested in exploring innovative solutions for recycling plastic wastes, developing lightweight joints using additive manufacturing techniques, and investigating the properties of biocomposites. Her work aims to address pressing challenges in sustainability and materials science. 🌱

Awards and Prizes 🏆

Dr. Gallardo Alpízar has been recognized for her entrepreneurial endeavors and innovative contributions to the field. Her startup, Wolffia Srl, has received prestigious awards such as the “Premio Innovazione 4.0” and achieved notable success in startup competitions. These accolades reflect her dedication to driving positive change through entrepreneurship and innovation. 🌟

Publications Top Notes

  1. Edge intelligence-assisted animation design with large models: a survey
    • Authors: Zhu, J., Hu, C., Khezri, E., Ghazali, M.M.M.
    • Journal: Journal of Cloud Computing, 2024
    • Volume: 13(1)
    • Page: 87
  2. DLJSF: Data-Locality Aware Job Scheduling IoT tasks in fog-cloud computing environments
    • Author: Khezri, E.
    • Journal: Results in Engineering, 2024
    • Volume: 21
    • Page: 101780
    • Citations: 3
  3. An efficient approach for multi-label classification based on Advanced Kernel-Based Learning System
    • Authors: Saidabad, M.Y., Hassanzadeh, H., Seyed Ebrahimi, S.H., Rahimi, M.R., Trik, M.
    • Journal: Intelligent Systems with Applications, 2024
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    • Page: 200332
  4. Recognizing sports activities from video frames using deformable convolution and adaptive multiscale features
    • Authors: Xiao, L., Cao, Y., Gai, Y., Liu, J., Yang, M.
    • Journal: Journal of Cloud Computing, 2023
    • Volume: 12(1)
    • Page: 167
  5. SGHRP: Secure Greedy Highway Routing Protocol with authentication and increased privacy in vehicular ad hoc networks
    • Authors: Khezri, E., Zeinali, E., Sargolzaey, H.
    • Journal: PLoS ONE, 2023
    • Volume: 18(4 April)
    • Page: e0282031
    • Citations: 5




Edris Khezri | IOT | Best Researcher Award

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