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Ms. Andleeb Masood | Remote sensing | Young Scientist Award

PHD researcher, Southwest Jiaotong University, China

Andleeb Masood is a dedicated physicist with a specialization in medical physics. She is known for her significant contributions to cancer research and radiation exposure analysis. A recipient of the Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme, she has demonstrated academic excellence and a strong commitment to scientific research.



💼 Experience

Andleeb has extensive research experience, particularly in the field of medical physics. Her BS Honors research project focused on assessing radiation exposure doses to occupational workers at INMOL, conducted under the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission. For her MPhil research, she analyzed cancer incidence data at INMOL from 1984-2014, also under the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission’s auspices.

🔬 Research Interests

Andleeb’s research interests lie primarily in cancer epidemiology and medical physics. She is passionate about using data analysis and computational techniques to understand cancer trends and the impact of radiation exposure on medical staff and patients.

🏆 Awards

In 2016, Andleeb was awarded a laptop from the Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme Phase II, recognizing her academic achievements and dedication to her studies.

📚 List of Publications

Khalid Masood, Andleeb Masood, et al. Trends and Analysis of Cancer Incidence for Common Male and Female Cancers in the Population of Punjab Province of Pakistan during 1984 to 2014, Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, Vol 16, 5297-5304, 2015 (I.F. 2.514)

Andleeb Masood, Khalid Masood, et al. Assessment and Analysis of Thirty Years Cancer Incidence Data for the City Population of Lahore Pakistan: Trends and pattern from (1984-2014), Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, 2017

Saman Shahid, Khalid Masood, et al. Annual Average Effective Dose (AAED) Distribution and Analysis Of Lifetime Fatal and Lifetime Nonfatal cancer risks among Pakistani Medical Staff, FUUAST J. BIOL., 7(1): 37-45, 2017

Andleeb Masood | Remote sensing | Young Scientist Award

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