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Introduction of  Veterinary Science and Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Science and Veterinary Medicine are dedicated to the study and practice of healthcare for animals. Veterinary Science explores animal biology, diseases, genetics, and behavior, while Veterinary Medicine focuses on diagnosing, treating, and preventing illnesses and injuries in various animals.


Animal Anatomy and Physiology

Studies the structure and function of animal bodies, including organs, tissues, and systems, aiming to understand their biological processes and adaptations.

Veterinary Pathology

Investigates the causes, mechanisms, and effects of diseases in animals, aiming for accurate diagnosis, treatment, and prevention to improve animal health and welfare.

Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Explores drug actions, dosages, and treatments for animal health, focusing on the safe and effective use of pharmaceuticals in veterinary practice.

Surgery and Anesthesia

Involves surgical procedures and anesthesia techniques for various animal species, emphasizing safety, precision, and post-operative care for optimal outcomes.

Zoological and Exotic Animal Medicine

Addresses the health, care, and medical management of exotic and non-traditional pets, wildlife, and zoo animals, taking into account their unique requirements and habitats.



Veterinary Science and Veterinary Medicine

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