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Introduction of Social Sciences

Social Sciences encompass a diverse range of academic disciplines that study human society and interactions. They aim to understand various aspects of human behavior, culture, societal structures, and relationships, providing insights into how individuals and communities function and evolve.


Analyzes the structure, development, and functioning of societies, focusing on social interactions, norms, institutions, inequalities, and collective behavior.


Studies the mind, behavior, and mental processes of individuals, exploring areas such as cognition, emotions, personality, development, and mental health.


Explores human societies, cultures, and their development throughout history, encompassing aspects like language, traditions, social structures, and evolutionary processes.


Examines the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services, as well as the allocation of resources and economic systems that influence individual and societal decisions.

Political Science

Focuses on the study of government, political behavior, systems, ideologies, policies, and international relations, providing insights into political processes and governance.



Social Sciences

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