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Introduction of Nursing and Health Professions

Nursing and Health Professions encompass a diverse range of healthcare disciplines dedicated to promoting health, preventing diseases, and providing care and support to individuals and communities. These professions play a crucial role in ensuring the well-being and optimal health of individuals across the lifespan.

Nursing Practice and Patient Care

Focuses on patient assessment, care planning, and delivery of healthcare services, emphasizing evidence-based practices, patient safety, and effective communication in diverse healthcare settings.

Public Health and Community Nursing

Addresses population health, health education, disease prevention, and health promotion strategies within communities to improve public health outcomes and reduce health disparities.

Healthcare Administration and Management

Involves the planning, organization, and coordination of healthcare facilities and services, including health policy, healthcare ethics, finance, human resources, and quality management.

Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation

Aims to enhance individuals’ abilities to perform daily activities and improve their quality of life, focusing on rehabilitation, assistive technologies, and interventions for physical and mental health challenges.

Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

Concentrates on optimizing physical function, mobility, and recovery from injuries or disabilities through exercise, rehabilitation, and therapeutic interventions, including sports medicine for athletes.



Nursing and Health Professions

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